I don’t smile much in my pictures, (I think my smiles are a bit weird) but I might as well look as inviting for anyone hoping to get to work with me 😀

I’m Kenn, a freelance writer that’s been in the business for about 3 years now, doing work that spans through all the kinds of copy that a technical website would need to shoot up its audience, & keep everyone engaged.

My specialty lies in writing about business software, consumer technology, and how everyone can take advantage of their personal gadgets to increase productivity.

Day by day, technology is changing how we live, work and interact, and we’re getting faster and better at most things thanks to it. Unfortunately, a good majority of people still aren’t as informed about what better tech can do for them, and that’s where I think I’d like to come in.

Through your website or publication, I’d be glad to dive into the nittty gritty’s of your product or service, and see how best to relay the message about what’s on offer, as well as how it can impact your consumer’s life, for the better.

You’re welcome to have a look at the full list of services that I offer here, and once you see what you’re looking for, reach out through either email or Skype, and we’ll pick it up from there.